Runaway Dream

Rotten trees stand gracefully
where ancestors of little means
plowed the Earth and laid the seed
birthed an American Dream

The roots pervaded under our house
we saw it but we let it be
those falling fruits made us so hungry
that it broke up my family

We can't stop, we can not stop it
we can't stop this runaway dream

A homeless man was cut down on Ellis street
by a guy who had someplace to be
without remorse he pleaded not guilty
saying you gotta move quickly

There's a traffic jam out on the concrete tonight
swarming so desperately
give an inch and you'll be cut off
so you gotta keep pushing and pushing

After thirty years I was cut from the line
a choice my boss justified saying
it ain't me its the economy
we're all just working to help it survive

And so this country continues to grow
like a rock rolling down the mountain side
gaining in speed but still falling
and terribly increasing in size

But we can't stop, we can not stop it